Crema di Carciofi (aka When Way Artichoke Dip)

Michael Crupain, MD, MPH

I love artichokes. They are not only delicious, but also contain inulin, a special kind of fiber that the good bacteria in our guts’ also love and turn into a substance that helps us feel full. This simple recipe turns canned artichokes into a versatile dip, spread, or cream that can be used on just about anything. Most artichoke dips are heavy and loaded with saturated fat, but this one is light and has a pure artichoke flavor. I like this on bread as a substitute for butter, as a dip for vegetables, or even added to a pasta or soup to make it creamy.


1 can of artichoke hearts
1 T lemon juice
1/2 small garlic clove (optional)
1/4 C Extra Virgin Olive Oil or more


Drain artichoke hearts in a colander to remove liquid. Place in a high speed blender with garlic and lemon juice. Start blender on low to begin to puree ingredients. Gradually increase speed. When blender stops blending artichoke mixture, lower speed and slowly add olive oil. Increase speed gradually. The goal is to make a think puree. If you add to much olive oil it may become to loose. If that happens its ok, just add more artichokes. You may need slightly more or less than 1/4 cup of oil. When the ratio of olive oil to artichokes is right, the blender will blend the mixture with ease. Increase speed to high, so create a smooth mixture. Season to taste with salt. Often times very little salt is needed depending on the brand of artichokes used.

If serving with toasted bread, garnish with more olive oil, thyme, pepper, and coarse salt.

Store in airtight container in the refrigerator for about a week.

Michael Crupain